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The 2021 NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier has been postponed indefinitely. Riot has chosen to postpone the event due to COVID difficulties. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announces final new playable character addition to finalize entire roster Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series has been added as the final character to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Looney will be added to the coaching staff by Minnesota RØKKR for the 2022 season Looney, who is just 28-year-old will start his coaching career in 2022. Elmapuddy is back as a VALORANT coach for Gen.G. Ten teams will compete in the NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier for VALORANT Champions. Call of Duty League Stage 5 group play has been postponed to July 8th, 2021 Call of duty fans wait period has been extended a little longer for the matches to resume. Fortnite Season 6: The Egg Launcher, Weapon Stats, Damage, And Other Details. Fortnite Season 6: Raptor Eggs Hatching, Dinosaurs to Arrive Anytime Soon The dinosaurs are coming... maybe? Fortnite : The BESKAR’S QUEST and the G.I JOE COMMANDO LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: Patch 11.3 is Live Now Fortnite: Sarah Connor and T-800 joins the battle LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: Patch 11.2 Brings Viego to the Game Everything you need to know about Viego Fortnite: Predator Joins the Battle