Riot Games has released an update 10.25 for League of Legends (LoL) which brings a substantial amount of changes to the game. The update is focused on hero balance changes to ensure all champions stand on the same ground. Let’s look into the highlights:

Champions Update:

•       Rell, the Iron Maiden arrives in LoL. Look at her insights here.

•       Twitch’s Q attack speed, W slow, and R bonus damage have been increased.

•       Wukong now deals more damage to monsters while using E.

•       Amumu’s Mana Growth and E Base damage have been decreased. R stun duration now scales to 1.5/1.75/2 seconds instead of static 2 seconds.

•       Anivia received a makeover after a long time. Her attack animation has been sped up. Q detonation damage, Q cooldown, Q missile speed, and E damage have been increased. Q pass through damage, Q mana cost, R base damage, and R mana cost have been decreased.  

•       Karthus received a small boost. His Q damage ratio has been increased and Q mana cost has been decreased.

•       Annie’s E bonus movement speed has been decreased.

•       Ekko’s passive damage ratio to monster has been increased to 250%, with no cap.

•       Fizz’s base mana growth is now down to 37 from 57.

•       Gragas’s passive healing has been increased to 8% of max health from 6% of max health. W cooldown now takes 5 seconds instead of 6 seconds.

•       Irelia’s base attack damage has been increased and Q cooldown has been decreased.

•       Ivern’s Q and E cooldown have been decreased whereas Q shield ratio and R basic attack speed have increased.

•       Jhin’s Q minimum damage ratio has been reduced.

•       Kayle’s base magic resist as well as E passive damage ratio have been decreased.

•       Kayn’s base armor and Q base damage have been decreased whereas Q cooldown has been increased.

•       Lee Sin’s base damage and E base damage have been increased. W cooldown has been decreased.

•       Talon’s W return damage is now increased.

•       Lulu’s Q base damage has been decreased.

•       Mordekaiser’s Q isolated enemy damage has been increased.

•       Morgana’s W damage per second has been decreased.

•       Nidalee’s Q and E cost have been decreased. Q damage has been increased.

•       Rengar’s W healing from monsters has been increased. In addition, he deals bonus damage to monsters, now.

•       Yasuo and Yone’s base attack speed growth has been increased.

•       Nasus’s Q cooldown has been decreased.

New Skins: Battle Queen Diana, Elderwood Xayah and Rakan, Battle Queen Katarina, Battle Queen Rell, Battle Queen Qiyana, Battle Queen Janna, Elderwood Ivern, Battle Queen Diana Prestige, Elderwood Azir,and Elderwood Ornn are the new skins introduced in 10.25.

That’s all about the highlights of 10.25 patch. Though 10.25 is the final major release of 2020, a minor update 10.25b may hit LoL before an end of the year. Read entire list of item changes, detailed champion statistics, gameplay updates, and bug fixes, here.