Riot Games arise with magnificent game updates with respect to VALORANT for the 2021 New year. This VALORANT update is chock-full with an agent named YORU added to the roster and ACT I BATTLEPASS and also a few weapon skin bundles. The updates are elaborated below:


A Japanese origin agent who can rip a hole in reality to invade the battlefront without being detected. It’s believed that Yoru can terminate his targets by balancing his deceiving and aggressive skills i.e. Yoru can be used as a deadly trooper along with his team-mates to get multiple kills or utilize his deception power to gain positional advantage against the enemies in battlefront without notice and can have a confirmed KIA before they even know. His abilities are as follows:

  • C - FAKEOUT: Yoru equips an ECHO that mimics the footsteps sound and moves forward to set a decoy around his enemies. FIRE to send the echo forward or use ALT FIRE to drop it in a place for later use.
  • Q - BLINDSIDE: Yoru can blow an unstable dimensional fragment from reality. Press FIRE to throw a flash that pops shortly after making contact with the surface.
  • E - GATECRASH: Yoru can equip gate crash to harness a rift tether. Press FIRE to send the tether forward or press ALT FIRE to drop it in a desired place. Once this is done, activating the gate crash again will teleport Yoru to the tether’s location.
  • X - DIMENSIONAL DRIFT: Yoru equips a mask that can exist between dimensions. On pressing FIRE, Yoru puts on the mask and allows him to move through the dimensions for a short period of time. In this time interval Yoru is invulnerable and cannot be seen by his enemies. 

ACT I BATTLEPASS: A VALORANT Episode will always have Acts in it. For every Act, they have a Battlepass. Every two months the Act ends and so does the Battlepass. The ACT I BATTLEPASS will consist of 50 tiers and is open for a limited period of time with free and Premium path. Whoever logs in during this act will get a free Battlepass. It activates along with the Character Contract you choose. Progress is accompanied simultaneously with XP you earn from missions and matches. The Battlepass is broken into 10 chapters and each chapter contains 5 Premium tiers and rewards a free chapter completion reward when unlocked. A single chapter is completed when all the 5 premium tiers have been unlocked with an XP. 

VALORANT ACT I BATTLEPASS helps you earn Weapon skins, Player Cards, Gun Buddies, Sprays, and Titles as rewards.

If you don’t go Premium you won’t be able to unlock the 5 items that comes with the Premium tiers even though if you complete 10 chapters. If you buy Premium Battlepass, on the completion of 10 chapters you will be rewarded with Kingdom Melee at the end of Chapter 10. For the players without Premium Battlepass, they will earn all of these rewards as well as Kingdom Classic as a sidearm skin on the completion of Chapter 10.


You have the privilege to claim a 10 Radianite Points from Prime Gaming if you club your Amazon and VALORANT accounts now. This offer is limited only till January 19th, 2021.