Dinosaur eggs in Fortnite Season 6 have begun to develop cracks on it. 

After one week of the launch of Fortnite Season 6, the community noticed that the dinosaur eggs have begun to develop cracks. In addition to this, the theme also being “Primal”, we can be sure that anything is possible once these eggs fully hatch including the introduction of raptors into the battlefield.


As per the sources, a Fortnite leaker by the name @FNinformation on Twitter had shared the above video with the community via tweet. If the players can notice, it’s not just the eggs cracking. The heartbeat can also be heard now.

Fortnite Season 6 players had received hints recently from data miners releasing actual code proving that raptors were coming into the game.

However, the players were able to collect subtle hints on the battlefield by developers proving that there is a conjecture of the appearance of the dinosaurs in the game.

Not only this, Youtuber Ali explains in his video stating that in the new orange primal areas, we can find drawings on the wall with a human silhouette and a dinosaur silhouette. That dinosaur silhouette is a silhouette of a Raptor and in-game strings have found four Raptors including a Raptor eliminated and a Raptor knocked out which means dinosaurs are coming.

Now that these eggs are hatching, players across the globe wonder what possible interactions with a raptor might look like.

In Fortnite Season 6, having the features of hunting and taming animals, the players have the privilege to deal with raptors in two possible ways.

1. Players can hunt dinosaurs and expect even more loot as compared to the loot of Wolf or a Boar.
2. Players can tame Raptors and use them to eliminate the enemies and score a #1 Victory Royale.       

Just after a week, cracks were found on the eggs. This means the Raptors can arrive anytime soon!