Fortnite season 5 introduced many new weapons to the game. Let’s have a look at each of them and where to find them.

Season 5 has only two Mythic weapons, as of now.

  • Mandalorian Weapon: This sniper rifle is equipped with the thermal vision and the ability to deal melee damage. How to obtain the Mandalorian Weapon? Well, you have to eliminate the Mandalorian. You can find him on the western edge of the desert biome, patrolling his crashed ship. In addition, you will receive his jetpack too! Jetpack has the ability to aim-down-sights while flying in the air. Good Luck!
  • Mythic AK: Defeat Ruckus to earn a Mythic AK. You can find him near Hydro 16.

A new class of weapons called Exotic weapons are introduced in Fortnite Season 5. These weapons could not be obtained through floor or chest loot. The only way to get your hands on Exotic weapons is to trade 1,225 gold bars with the new NPCs in-game. Let’s look at the new Exotic weapons:

  • Boom Sniper Rifle: When you shoot through this rifle, bullets will get stuck to the enemies and explode after few seconds. A great choice for a squad game! It’s available on the Graggy Cliffs located to the north-eastern side of Stealthy Stronghold.

  • The Dub: It resembles vintage Flintlock pistol. When fired it pushes you back, thereby allow you to switch to a long distance weapon. Get this weapon from Dummy NPC located next to Stealthy Stronghold.

  • The Storm Scout: It is a sniper rifle with an ability to see the next safe zone. It is sold by Lexa at Hunter's Haven.

  • The Shadow Tracker: It is a semi-automatic pistol with decent fire rate and a good magazine capacity. When fired at the enemies, it tags them so that you and your team can track them. This weapon is available with the Gladiator; located in Dirty Docks. 

The Night Hawk: It is a semi-automatic pistol with medium damage and a high fire-rate. It comes with a thermal scope. Get this weapon from Klash near the Zero Point.

These weapons can be found at the following locations: