About Gamer Galaxy
est. 2010

Gamer Galaxy is a gaming community focused on eSports and streaming.

We're not all about the serious aspects of eSports though. We enjoy casual Minecraft or Stardew Valley every now and then.


Gamer Galaxy got its start on IRC in 2011. Before this, it had many names. What started out as dab-media IRC, then dab IRC, with many other network merges inbetween; Gamer Galaxy came out as a serious effort to grow a casual gaming community. Gamer Galaxy made its move to Discord as the number of IRC users dwindled. This transition marked a new focus - streaming and eSports. There are a lot of people who like to play the games played by professionals. Why not create a community around internal competitive play? In the coming time, we'll be launching game servers and account linking so you can find players to play with and track game stats.


We've also launched a news section. This will allow our community to track and learn about the professional eSports world.
We're always looking for writers. If you're interested, join our Discord and inquire.


Gamer Galaxy Staff

Gamer Galaxy was founded by dab. He's maintained the community throughout the past decade through thick and thin. Gamer Galaxy has survived DDOS attacks, community splits, work, school, and the economy through its various failures. At its core, Gamer Galaxy is about making an online family. That's what dab has brought to this site.


You can't talk about Gamer Galaxy without talking about Sosby, an important, long-time member of Gamer Galaxy. Sosby is a talented designer and programmer who has been involved in almost every major project that dab has dreamt up.


You also can't talk about Gamer Galaxy without bringing up Foxtrot. Foxtrot has provided servers for the community since the beginning. He has been a passionate member who's contributions have allowed Gamer Galaxy to withstand the hardships it has faced.


Another invaluable, long-time member of Gamer Galaxy is nonother than RDL. His involvement in the community has brought many great project ideas and inspiration to the community. The current pivot of Gamer Galaxy to becoming eSports focused was largely inspired by RDL's interests and ideas.


We have many other members who are pivotal to the community. If we listed every single one here, we'd use up your bandwidth. The best way to get to know our community, is by joining our Discord and particpating in whatever random chat that might be happening.