As we are reaching the end of 2020, League of Legends (LoL) surprised its fandom by making a huge update to the game. Patch 10.23 landed last week bringing new items, new skins, item shop re-design, and balance changes to the champions, items, runes, and immolates. In this major release there are 23 new Mythic Items, 13 new Legendary Items, 9 new Epic Items, 28 re-designed Legendary Items, and many more skins and chromas. Let’s take a look at the highlights. 

Champion Balance Change: Highlights

  • Caitlyn - Headshot damage from critical chance has been decreased.
  • Jhin - Passive critical damage and critical-to-AD conversion has been decreased.
  • Senna - Passive critical damage and critical chance per 20 souls has been decreased. R now collects Mist Wraiths on cast.
  • Tryndamere - Passive critical has been chance flattened.
  • Yasuo and Yone - Passive now converts critical strike chance above 100% to bonus AD.
  • Akali - Q cost has been decreased gradually.
  • Katarina - Now Passive, E, and R will apply on-hit effects. R now deals hybrid damage and scales with attack speed.
  • Kayle - Passive bonus attack speed has been scaled with AP now. 
  • Ornn - Masterworks have been upgraded to Mythics. Ornn now benefitted by increased bonus health in addition to armour and magic resist. Bonus defence now increases per Masterwork he creates.
  • Viktor - Hex Core has been removed; you can now upgrade Viktor’s abilities by earning champion takedowns and last-hits. E damage has been increased and Mana growth has been increased.

⦁ New Skins: Riot Games has rolled out six new skins- Victorious Lucian, Battlecast, Nasus, Battlecast, Zac, Resistance Jayce, Resistance Singed, and Resistance Yorick. All of them welcome additions'

⦁ New Chromas: Wide variety of chromas are now available in LoL

⦁ Balance Changes to ARAM  

  • Now you receive 6 gold instead of 5 for nearby death of minion. Ambient gold and Kill gold have been increased by 10%. 
  • Alternating Canon Waves has been removed
  • Now Guardian Items are considered as Legendary Items
  • Guardian's Horn Damage Reduction, Hammer Attack Damage, and Orb Ability Power has been increased to 15, 25, and 40, respectively.
  • Oracle's Elixir has been removed from the item shop

⦁ All New Item Shop: Item shop has been refreshed to give more data-driven Recommended Items experience and aims to improve usability of All Items view.

⦁ Many bug fixes

That’s all about the highlights of Patch 10.23. Read the mega patch notes here. Happy Thanksgiving!