Epic Games has released the creative update V15.10 for Fortnite. The update introduces new events, brand new modes, new weapons, bug fixes, and some changes to battle royale. Let’s drill into the details.

Operation Snowdown: Fortnite has decided to not to call this year’s holiday event Winterfest, but instead has been renamed as Operation Snowdown in Fortnite Season 5 - Chapter 2. The event includes new quests, chilling items, new LTMs, snowy cosmetics, and two exclusive outfits. This year’s Christmas event has already begun. You might have noticed twinkling Christmas lights on many of the map’s bushes. Soon you may see more decorations and snow.

Next-gen consoles or hardware now have a 120fps performance mode. But you may have to sacrifice resolution if you opt for 120fps, since resolution is capped at 1440p on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Not a bad deal!

Weapon Updates:

  • Cowboy Repeater Rifle is now available in Fortnite. It is a fun to use, Old West sniper rifle without a scope! 
  • A new Dragon's Breath sniper rifle is available in-game for purchase. It’s is an exotic weapon which can be purchased with gold from Blaze. It has Epic and Legendary variants.

New LTM: Spy Within is a new creative mode with new challenges. There will be a team of Spies and a team of Agents; Spies must eliminate all Agents before they finish their objectives.

Pre-Edits update: Now, Fortnite lets you to turn ‘Pre-Edits’ ON/OFF in-game.

My Island Settings menu has new options now: Auto Pickup Consumables, Auto Pickup Pickups, Auto Pickup Gadgets, Pickaxe Range Multiplier, Auto Pickup Traps, Auto Pickup Ammo, Auto Pickup World Resources, and Auto Pickup Weapons.

Now, My Island Game menu has a new option- Player Collision, which allows you to decide whether players should collide with or pass through each other in-game.

Charge Shotgun now comes with the Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary variants.