SMITE new update brings a season 8 SMITE pass 2021 which includes all season 8 Gods and incredible content for each of them. With all the new benefits get ready for the conquest.

The following items are included in the Season 8 Pass 2021:

  • 1000 Gems
  • Grand Magus Anubis Skin – Limited
  • Grand Magus Loading Screen – Limited
  • Tyrant Title
  • It also provides each new god the following in 2021 as they are released:
  • If you do not already own the Ultimate God Pack then it Unlocks gods for gameplay
  • Base recolor
  • New Limited recolor
  • Voice pack
  • Wave and Clap Emotes


All Modes have New Healing Rules: In SMITE, healing can be a polarizing topic. It is also true that healers in SMITE do very well significantly across all levels of play, but healers may feel powerless against Anti-Heal in individual matches. There are indeed players who feel that the enemy can only fully negate their most recent fight by stepping back for a short time and healing back to maximum.

For all players, these moments will generate negative experiences, so SMITE decided to fix this and make it a better experience for all participants.

To achieve this, in all maps, SMITE implemented the new global aura that reduces healing performed by skills and life steal. This aura extends to all players who have not dealt harm to an enemy god or Crowd Control (or been dealt harm or Crowd Control). This form of combat is referred to as Brawling from here on out. The overall intensity of "out of war" healing is being brought down.

At the same time, SMITE accepted that healing while directly fighting feels more rational to fight against, but the uncertainty of still being shut out is very high. The impact and length of all anti-heal products are toned down. Their long duration and strength were intended to help curb healing "out of battle" immediately after a fight that the aura is now fighting. These abilities have been changed: Global Anti-Healing Aura, Anti-heal Item Changes, Toxic Blade, Pestilence, Rod of Healing, Rod of Asclepius, Caduceus Shield, Contagion, Cursed Ankh, Cursed Ankh Upgrade, and Shadowsteel Shuriken.

Jungle Camp Vision Changes: On their side of the map, gods who visit a Jungle Camp will now obtain a vision of the in-world and limited respawn timers for that camp, which is ultimately very important. Basically, this is provided even though the camp was effectively occupied and cleared by the enemy, which is reasonably necessary.


Living Conquest Map: In addition to the entirely new 8.1 Conquest Map, in a fairly big way, there will be 3 far more distinct changes to the map during the season.

In addition:

  • Each update will have a particular theme that follows the storyline of SMITE and the plan to release God.
  • Each update will have graphic and design changes to the map.

That’s all about the highlights of the game. The update also includes new skins, UI changes, new items and item changes, god balance changes, and lot of bug fixes. Read the mega update notes, here