Riot Games has released Valorant Update 1.12 literally a week after releasing Valorant Update 1.11. The update 1.11 was a major release bringing a new agent, ruleset/game mode/competitive updates, balance changes, and couple of bug fixes. Here is a drill down of 1.11 update:


⦁ Valorant welcomes a new member – SKYE. Take a look at her abilities here

⦁ Balance changes to Breach: Full flash time increased from 1.75 to 2. Now Fault Line and Rolling Thunder spawns 8m away from Breach, and duration to fully charge is down to 1.5 seconds from 2 seconds.


⦁ Cypher’s Trapwire and Spy Camera abilities will be disabled and revealed upon death.  

⦁ Killjoy receives a major power ups. Alarmbot and Turret now has a deactivation range. Alarmbot and Turret will deactivate if she is more than 40 meter away from them and reactivate upon entering 40 meter range. Cooldown after pickup for Alarmbot and Turret has been reduced from 20 seconds to 7 seconds and 20 seconds to 10 seconds, respectively. Alarmbot and Nanoswarm detection range has been reduced to 7 meters from 9 meters and 3.5 meters from 5 meters, respectively. Nanoswarm now deals a damage-45/s instead of 40/s.


⦁ Competitive update involves: 

  • Addition of Icebox to the Competitive maps rotation
  • Highest rank players now enjoys shorter Unrated queue
  • Loading screen for all game modes now displays location of the current gamepod
  • Combat score is adjusted to factor in non-damaging assists

⦁ Custom game lobby options now includes Play Out All Rounds option.

⦁ Updates to Economy Ruleset are intended to test your decision-making ability.

  • KDA statistic no longer count dying to the Spike as a death
  • Attackers will receive 1000 credits if they lose but survive the entire round without planting the Spike
  • Defenders will also receive 1000 credits if they lose but survive the entire round after the Spike has detonated
  • Hover over the exclamation mark next to Min Next Round in the shop to get more information on Economy Ruleset

⦁ Left handed view is available for all the players now.

⦁ Now you can DM your friend just by clicking his/her name.

Though 1.11 update looked very promising it failed to live up to the expectation. Right after going live, issues plagued the game, so Riot Games had to roll back the release. Later Riot Games re-launched the stable 1.11 version on November 2nd, 2020. Even the stable 1.11 version had many major and minor bugs so Riots Games strategically released 1.12 update on November 10th, 2020 promising the updates to Observer mode, the social panel, and many bug fixes. Below are the highlights from 1.12 update:

⦁ Act Rank Badges has been disabled

⦁ Removal of ping sounds for the Observer

⦁ Sightline visibility is improved

⦁ Fixed team colors feature has been rolled back

Read the complete release notes for 1.12 patch here. Riot Games also confirmed that there won’t any new patch until December 8th, 2020.