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Natus Vincere win IEM Cologne 2021 NAVI will take home $400,000, the trophy, and a whole heap of bragging rights Velocity Gaming won VCC India Qualifier #1 The team secured their spot in the VCC Grand Final Playoffs IEM Cologne Semi-Final results are in! G2 vs Astralis and Natus Vincere vs FaZe match results are in with G2 and Natus Vincere taking the W's. Na'Vi adds four NoPressure players to their VALORANT squad. The new roster will make their Na'Vi debut at the EMEA VCT Stage Three: Challengers Playoffs,. IEM Cologne 2021 FaZe vs Gambit and Astralis vs Quarter Finals Results FaZe and Astralis take the W in the Quarter Finals of IEM Cologne forZe take Domination League Season 2 forZe took home the $22,000 grand prize Dota 2: 2021 The International 10 teams 18 teams will compete in The International 10. CLG has signed Damonte as their new starting mid laner for the LCS Summer Split in 2021. CLG has benched LCS veteran Pobelter in favour of Damonte, a former 100 Thieves mid laner. FlyQuest’s Academy roster tumbled Cloud9 in 2021 LCS Summer Split The 2021 LCS Spring Split has had so many back-and-forth matches so far, FlyQuest plunged Cloud9 –though just barely. IEM Cologne group stage complete As 16 become 6, the players take a 4 day break before the playoffs next weekend Call of Duty League Stage 5 group play kick off with Atlanta FaZe, OpTic Chicago with 3-0 victories Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Chicago secured 3-0 victories over the London Royal Ravens and Paris Legion in The Call of Duty League Stage 5 group play Four EU VALORANT teams have secured their spot in the EMEA VCT Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs The EMEA Challengers Playoffs will decide which teams will represent Europe, Turkey, and/or the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) at the VCT Masters Berlin. VCC India Qualifiers #1 Semi-final details Only the top four teams are left in the competition out of 364 teams. WePlay to start $100,000 academy league All competing teams must star fresh talent, with the majority of players under the age of 20. Inori, a former LCS pro, has been added to Team Liquid's Academy roster. Inori last competed in the LCS in 2017, when he was a member of Team Liquid.