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Elmapuddy is back as a VALORANT coach for Gen.G. Ten teams will compete in the NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier for VALORANT Champions. Pinnacle Fall Series 2 announced, regionals start next week 16 teams are in the running for 8 spaces at the main event BLAST Showdown bracket set, and first matches revealed The teams involved gives plenty of opportunity for upsets in this event! Shanghai Dragons are the champions of the Overwatch League 2021. The Shanghai Dragons have finally reached new heights in their career. 100T: steel benched and b0i promoted to the starting position 100 Thieves announced the news on its Twitter handle. ESEA Premier Season 38 to hit playoffs With 8 teams left in the running, the action picks up again in mid-October. The Seattle Surge have unveiled their new team ahead of the CDL 2022. Seattle has a solid balance of veteran and young players. Version1’s all-female VALORANT Squad is here. Version1 is bolstering a burgeoning women's VALORANT scene IEM Fall initial matches & groups announced It'll be all hands on deck, with the initial matches of group play all quickfire Best of 1s Global Esports travels to Thailand to participate in VCT Last Chance Qualifier For the APAC LCQ, Global Esports is hosting a new VALORANT boot camp in Thailand. BLAST Premier Groups, Group C results Group C gave us some amazing matches, where one team managed the fabled 16-0 map... Vizicsacsi to replace Apii at the 2021 World Championships. Vizicsacsi will take Apii's place in PEACE's starting lineup. BLAST Premier Groups, Groups A & B results With two groups over, 8 teams already know if they're going to the Fall Final, or Fall Showdowns... Galaxy Racer and Team Nigma have merged to create Nigma Galaxy eSports. Galaxy Racer's massive esports, content, and lifestyle brand are combined with Nigma's competitive skills. Gambit outplays Team Envy in Valorant Champions Tour Masters 2021 in Berlin Gambit beats Team Envy 3-0 in the VALORANT VCT Masters 2021 in Berlin