The Chinese organization behind FunPlus Phoenix have called it a day for their Counter Strike: Global Offensive division.

FunPlus had a rough start in Counter Strike, originally intending to enter back in early 2020 with the then Heroic roster. However, the player es3tag scuppered those plans by signing with Astralis ahead of the expiry of contracts. FunPlus by then had already signed as a partner team of Flashpoint in expectation of the start of their Counter Strike arm, however as many of you may recall, when this going on back in March of last year, the pandemic was truly becoming a global widespread problem, which made Flashpoint unable to host any more LAN events to date since then. FunPlus Phoenix later signed on board the the GODSENT team in January 2021, however with Flashpoint not hosting many events, and then combined with FPX not signing in to the 'Louvre Agreement' to give the team easy access to some of the premier events on the ESL calendar, such as the well loved ESL Pro League gave FunPlus Phoenix limited accessibility to high tier events, forcing them go to through plenty of qualification events.

The roster for FPX struggled with putting up a reliable performance, going from really weak to surprisingly strong performances on a regular basis throughout their events and matches. Early on, the team won one of the Snow Sweet Snow events which entered them straight into the LAN Sweet LAN finals to be played in April next year, what exactly will happen to their placement now remains to be seen. In other areas, the team performed well at IEM Winter open qualifiers, however bombed out of the qualification process at the closed qualifier stages. A similar story occurred with IEM Summer earlier in the year, where they performed and came in the 1st/2nd position at qualifying, however exited IEM Summer in the 9-12th positions after rough matches against G2 & Complexiity, despite a convincing win against the juggernauts of Astralis early on. However for now, the journey for the five players with FPX has come to an end, and despite on & off performances, there is definitely a future awaiting the ex-FPX roster members in the future.

You can read the announcement by FunPlus Phoenix on Twitter, located here