The Bulgarian team SKADE has won the William Hill Cup, 2021, gaining some essential experience for Pinnacle Fall Series 3, set to start in just 4 days time, as well as a $40,000 bank balance boost.

Throughout five matches, SKADE were stripped of just one map by GORILLAZ, en route to the Grand Final, where they took down GamerLegian as the final boss of the tournament. The final started off relatively simple across Inferno, where SKADE rolled over GamerLegion 16-6. GamerLegion during the break, however, seemingly downed several cans of energy drink between them, and came back with a bite, staring down SKADE all the way on Ancient, falling only at the final hurdle 16-14. For their efforts, GamerLegion takes home $10,000, and also extra experience for the ongoing tournament they're taking part in, which is ESEA Premier Season 39. 

Neither SKADE nor GamerLegion needed to come through the Closed Qualifier, with SKADE receiving a Stage 1 invite. It seems just as well too, with the two who did come through qualifiers, OPAA & Singularity being eliminated fairly early on despite the extra steps they needed to go through, and teams they needed to down on the way to the main event. Singularity came in the 9th to 10th position and OPAA in 5th. The Chinese stalwarts of TYLOO came third and SAW rounded off the top 5 in 4th, although for everyone below 2nd, the bad news is there was nothing on offer for them, with only 1st & 2nd receiving prize money. 

The William Hill Cup was sponsored by, as you may have guessed, the London based gambling company of William Hill, and was organized by the Finnish Esports League, who recently finished their 9th season of their own Esports League, just a month ago. There is yet to be an announcement of if the William Hill Cup will come back for another series.