A month after it began, the Pinnacle Fall Series 2 has wrapped, and Entropiq have been crowned the victors.

In the Grand Final, Entropiq overcame Lyngby Vikings in a hotly contested best of 3. Lyngby Vikings were quick to assert dominance and managed to narrowly defeat Entropiq 16-14 on the first map of Vertigo. However, across the following two maps, Overpass & Nuke, Entropiq fought back to a 2-1 scoreline, with 16-13 on Overpass & 16-12 on Nuke. For the Danish Vikings, FASHR was truly the monster of the server, and managed to wrack up 1 short of 80 kills across all maps, whereas Entropiq's highest was El1an, with a mere 69. Entropiq entered the event late, being one of the four invited teams straight into the playoffs, and missing the initial group play stage that others went through.

This series presented a wide range of skills, expectations & teams. There was plenty of well known teams, including FunPlus Phoenix, Endpoint, Eternal Fire & MOUZ NXT. Eternal Fire went into the event favorites amongst fans, featuring the combined talent of woxic, XANTARES & Calyx, however were to crash out very early on after being defeated by SAW & SKADE without winning a map, as well as being unable to field a viable team for one match, giving a free win to K23. Other favourites, such as MAD Lions crashed out the first possible opportunity, after receiving an invite to the quarter-finals stage.

Entropiq are now also qualified for the grand final LAN Sweet LAN event, in April of next year, where the winners of all the Pinnacle series, plus the previous Snow Sweet Snow & Spring Sweet Spring will combine into one giant force, along with 4 more invited teams. So far qualified for that grand finale are Virtus.pro, MOUZ, OG, forZe, HAVU, FunPlus Phoenix & Complexity.