After a hotly contested Grand Final against G2, Natus Vincere have emerged as the victors of the PGL Major in Stockholm, taking home a $1,000,000 winners prize in the process.

The Grand Final went to double over time on the second map of Nuke, after NaVi managed to return from a 10-15 to take us to the first overtime at 15-15. G2 did all they could to meet replies to the savage plays by s1mple & electronic, with JaCkz & NiKo giving their all, however they were just not able to string together a viable plan to blockade the CIS legends rushing to the first ever Counter-Strike Major victory, where the winners dropped no maps throughout the entire run.

Earlier on in the contest, Natus Vincere downed Heroic (16-11), (16-4) & NIP (2-0) in the Champions Stage. In the playoffs, the first to fall was Vitality (2-0), who managed to pull two close maps on Nuke & Dust 2, falling 16-11 & 16-13. Next up was Gambit, who had managed to pip NaVi to the post in IEM Fall, where in the Grand Final, the two CIS legends locked horns and NaVi came off losing 2-0, so for many spectators they were eager to see another well fought close match. However those hopes were dashed, as Gambit seemed to roll over and lost 16-8 & 16-3 across Overpass & Mirage. Which of course takes us back to the starting point of this article, the Grand Final between G2 & Natus Vincere, which we already know the result of.

For all their efforts, G2 will leave with $300,000, which is a considerable downturn from NaVi's $1,000,000. NaVi would have taken home an invite to the BLAST Premier World Finals, 2021, however they had already qualified through ESL Pro League Season 14. The World Finals will occur between December 14th & December 19th, where 8 of the years greatest teams will come together for their share of a $1,000,000 total prize pool. So far qualified for that event is Gambit (BLAST Spring Final), Heroic (ESL Pro League S13), G2 (BLAST Ranking) and Natus Vincere (ESL Pro League S1)4, with 4 more to be decided nearer the event based upon BLAST Rankings.

The CSGO Majors are currently expected to return in mid-2022, with details to be released later on with who will host the event, and where.