The lights have been turned on, the stage has been set, and the players are preparing for the most thrilling phase of the 2021 World Championship: the knockout stage. However, even before the quarterfinals began, DWG KIA's superstar mid laner, ShowMaker had already dazzled fans and players with his amazing skill on the Summoner's Rift.

ShowMaker had only died five times in six games, according to Oracle's Elixir, with a 14.2 KDA. He had not just the third-fewest deaths, but also 25 kills and 46 assists, accounting for 24.5 percent of his team's total kills.

Twisted Fate, his most-played champion so far in the tournament, has been a top selection for many teams across the world. With his ultimate ability, he may join nearly any team fight or gank, making him highly useful in early dives and locating picks in the later phases of a match.

ShowMaker's outstanding game sense and understanding allow him to maximise the effectiveness of this global pressure, culminating in a 10 KDA, six kills, three deaths, and a staggering 20 assists. In a match versus Cloud9, he also knocked out Kassadin. This was one of DK's closest games, although ShowMaker grew stronger as the game progressed. He ultimately took control of team fights and dived the backline with ease, finishing with eight kills, eight assists, and only two fatalities.

The 21-year-old prodigy is one of the most gifted players in the world, with a champion ocean at his disposal. He will be a crucial player in DWG KIA's aspirations for international dominance, so keep an eye on him when the knockouts continue in October.

Players with best KDA in the Worlds 2021 group stages are as follow:

·         ShowMaker 14.2 KDA

·         T1Keria 14 KDA

·         Gumayusi 12.3 KDA

·         Scout 8.3 KDA

·         Light 7.9 KDA

·         Canyon 7.3 KDA

·         Oner 6.8 KDA

·         Faker 6.5 KDA

·         Canna 6.3 KDA

·         RulereluR 6.3 KDA

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