At last, a Major is upon us, and for the first 16 in the Challengers Stage, everything is ready for the chaos to erupt. 

Starting at 8 am using GMT/UTC time, the following teams will begin their struggle for the Major title; Heroic, BIG, ENCE, Copenhagen Flames, MOUZ, pain, Spirit, Renegades, Astralis, Movistar Riders, Tyloo,, GODSENT, Entropiq & Sharks. What awaits them is a colossal 16 team round robin, where killer BO1 matches will start the teams off, so if you make a mistake. You had better fix it immediately before it costs you a crucial win. For matches where eliminations are decided, a best of 3 format will be used.

The first announced matches are as follows, on Tuesday 26th October,

  • 0800: Astralis vs Copenhagen Flames
  • 0800: FaZe vs Spirit
  • 0915: GODSENT vs ENCE
  • 0915: paiN vs
  • 1030: Movistar Riders vs Renegades
  • 1030: Entropiq vs BIG
  • 1145: TYLOO vs Heroic
  • 1145: MOUZ vs Sharks

From there, the matches will be drawn as and when others finish. Starting at 1hr 15m intervals as previous matches. Meaning follow-up matches to start at 1300, 1415, 1530 & 1645 before the first-day action will conclude. Action follows on for the following 3 days, concluding with the final match starting at 15:30 on Friday 29th October. Throughout the days, the day will start at 8am (again, UTC/GMT), although the ending time will vary each day. Although given these are quickfire best of 1's, it is probably a wise idea to take the start times with a little grain of salt, as overrunning in these sorts of events is fairly common.

For the lucky 8 who pass the first test, they'll be immediately thrown into the main event with 8 other teams who performed better in the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) competitions throughout the year, those teams are the CIS juggernauts of Natus Vincere & Gambit, along with Liquid, G2, FURIA, Vitality, NIP & Evil Geniuses. At least they'll get a single sleep, with the main event starting the day after the Challengers stage ends, and will run until November 7th, when the winner is crowned, and the first Major victor in 18 months will be crowned!

For all the latest updates, be sure to stick to Gamer Galaxy and we'll pass on all the information you need to keep you in the loop!