Starting on the 24th of November, 8 teams will come together in the BLAST series' Premier Fall Final for 2021. 

The 8 teams qualified through previous BLAST events in the year, the big names of this contest will be Natus Vincere, NIP, Vitality, BIG, Heroic, Astralis, FaZe & Liquid. These are teams that either won or were runners up in Fall Groups or Fall Showdown. The winning team will then be qualified for the BLAST Premier World Final, 2021, where a total of $1,000,000 is further on offer for the winner.

All of the teams participating will be fresh out of the Major, the only exception being BIG who were eliminated before the main stage of the Major. Natus Vincere will also be riding on the waves of celebration that the Major brought to them, where they of course won. This of course means they'll have a huge target on their back, with all teams eager to get the name as the one who took down the current legends of Counter-Strike. However, for BIG, they will surely be nervous ahead of time, as they're the first that'll come across the CIS blockade.

Here are the initial matchups, and the time of the fights.

Wednesday, November 24th;

  • 1100 - Liquid vs Vitality
  • 1400 - Heroic vs FaZe
  • 1700 - Natus Vincere vs BIG
  • 2000 - NIP vs Astralis

Thursday, November 25th;

  • 1400 - Upper Bracket Semi-Final 1
  • 1700 - Upper Bracket Semi-Final 2

Friday, November 26th;

  • 1230 - Lower Bracket Round 1 (1)
  • 1530 - Lower Bracket Round 1 (2)
  • 1830 - Lower Bracket Semi-Final 1

Saturday, November 27th;

  • 1230 - Lower Bracket Semi-Final 2
  • 1530 - Upper Bracket Final
  • 1830 - Lower Bracket Final

Sunday, November 28th;

  • 1430 - Consolidated Final
  • 1830 - Grand Final

All of the matches are Best of 3, played in a double-elimination scheme, so if you make a slip-up, you will have a chance of redemption and another path to the Grand Final. Worth mentioning as always, of course, as is common in all esports, matches are unpredictable so take the timings with a pinch of salt.