fnatic were left feeling like they pulled off a heist, after steamrolling BIG in a straight 3 maps, in a best of five Grand Final, and taking away $50,000 relatively stress-free.

At the start of the match, it was hard to really say who had the definitive advantage, however with the first map being downed in a quickfire 16-3 match that lasted just 45 minutes, it became clear that fnatic were here to do business. Flying over to the heights of Vertigo, BIG decided to actually turn up this time, giving fnatic a little task to complete. The map went 16-12 to fnatic, although tiziaN & k1to tried all they could to hold back fnatic, getting 23 & 21 kills respectively. Now in last chance saloon to keep the match alive, BIG had to finally overcome fnatic, on their own map pick of Ancient. Unfortunately for BIG, Brollan decided to rain down the pain with the most kills of the map, 25. Despite the hard-hitting duo in Brollan & KRIMZ, BIG put up a respectable attempt, with tabseN only one short of fnatic's Brollan in total kills. The final was also a great showing for fnatic's latest acquisition, smooya, who dropped 59 bodies whilst only losing out on 39 themself, so hopefully for smooya, he has found a long-term place, after a turbulent few years being thrown about teams. With even more good news for fnatic, they managed to enter and win the final, without taking any hits to their win count, progressing through the entire competition without dropping a single map!

BIG will take home $20,000 to fnatic's $50,000. Also notable is MAD Lions, who came third, they will take home $10,000, plus an invite the ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference, where they can attempt to challenge 16 other teams to earn one of the 3 spots up for grabs for Pro League Season 15. Although with those teams qualified so far including Movistar Riders, Renegades, Wisla Krakow & Sharks there'll be a right struggle for the 3 places, however for MAD Lions, they took down MOUZ twice, and then forZe, on their path to third placement, so if they keep up those efforts, they may indeed find themselves doing well