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Fortnite Season 6: Twitch Streamer SypherPK to Host a Tournament Cypher PK has announced that he will host a major Fortnite event this season. CSGO: HAVU & TYLOO win first series of ULTI 2021 In the Asia & European seasons, TYLOO & HAVU were victorious CSGO: Heroic take the ESL Pro League crown Over a month later, Heroic take the $200,000 prize CSGO: BLAST Spring Showdown matches, schedule & talent released The 16 teams start war on the 13th T1 unveil VALORANT academy roster Tyler1 Money Match: Doublelift joins with old Cloud9 roster Doublelift brings along a roster of ex-cloud9 players for Tyler1's Money Match. CSGO: mousesports outclass ex-Winstrike to win Snow Sweet Snow 3 A few long overtimes later, mouz came out on top... CSGO: Gambit take down HAVU to win the Pinnacle Cup It took over a month, but 32 teams were finally whittled down to just one... LoL: Rare Atom Beats Invictus Gaming in First Series of 2021 LPL Spring Split Playoffs MVP iBoy saves the day in this close match between Rare Atom and Invictus Gaming. Fortnite Spire Challenges: Complete List of Quests and Way to Complete Them Level up your Battle Pass by completing spire challenges. Raptors have started running around since the latest update Fortnite Season 6: The Egg Launcher, Weapon Stats, Damage, And Other Details. CSGO: BLAST Premier qualifiers complete, teams finalized! With an extra 6 teams joining 10, there's only two who'll get out and into the Spring Finals at the end... VCT Masters Server Dispute: 100 Thieves Fined $5,000 and Head Coach FrosT Put on ‘Competitive Probation’ Fortnite Season 6: Raptor Eggs Hatching, Dinosaurs to Arrive Anytime Soon The dinosaurs are coming... maybe?