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CSGO: ENCE top LOOT.BET, taking $25K worth of loot Twenty teams down to just one, ENCE won without their veteran player of 'allu'. Danny is promoted from the amateur team to the starting ADC role and Deftly is dropped by Evil Geniuses ATLANTA FAZE And FLORIDA MUTINEERS Advanced To Next Round In 2021 CDL Stage 3 Major MSI 2021: Rumble Stage, RNG Defeats DWG KIA In The Opening Match Hotba and Tobi have been signed by the Philadelphia Fusion for the remainder of 2021 Overwatch League season Hotba and Tobi joined the Fusion team for rest of season due to Visa issues of other players. Alliance and ppd have been accused of cheating in a Dota Pro Circuit match Did they really cheat? CSGO: NAVI sweep Gambit 3-0 to win DreamHack Masters Spring In a surprisingly simple looking finale, Natus easily took the $100,000 grand prize Huke joins LA Thieves, TJHaLy benched The Los Angeles Thieves has made a surprising roster move. Dota 2: ppd Joins Alliance as Trial Coach For the remainder of the Dota Pro Circuit's second season in 2021, Alliance has signed veteran Dota 2 player Peter "ppd" Dager as a trial coach. Teams from China's Overwatch League have agreed not to boycott Saebyeolbe or Seoul Dynasty any longer The teams will "resume daily practises with one another" after a tense debate about the players' comments on freedom of expression in China. CSGO: forZe rise to win Spring Sweet Spring 1 After 19 teams fell, forZe rose to the top!