Stage Five will be considered as the final set of games being played while moving into the final Major and ultimately being the Call of Duty champs 2021. Since Stage Five is marked to be the last set, it also means that it is the last opportunity for the teams to earn the highly envied CDL Points to complete in the top eight of the standings. This will help them to qualify for the end-of-season playoffs.

Stage Four was completed last month with the Atlanta FaZe winning their third Major of the season. Achieving this victory, Atlanta was able to secure the No.1 overall seed heading into Call of Duty Champs 2021. But the rest of the teams who are in the league have a lot to play in Stage Five. At the same time, FaZe is headed to complete a three-peat.

Stage Five will start with all the 12 CDL franchises divided into two groups. Over the three weeks, all the teams will have to play five online group play matches to decide their seeding for the double-elimination Major which will be held at the end of July. Stage Five Major will be held on LAN just like we had in Stage Four. This will be held at Esports Stadium Arlington, Texas. Also, this time the fans are allowed to attend the events and cheer for their favorite players from the stands.

When the online group play comes to an end, the top three rosters in each group will get a spot in the winners' bracket of the Stage Five Major. And the bottom three squads in every group will start the double-elimination tournament in the losers bracket.

Although, in the past few weeks we could not see major changes in the roster by any team when there was a break between previous stages. This time there will be the biggest change in the roster from Los Angeles Thieves signing 2016 world champion John. Also, 22-time Gears of War champion MentaL will be making his debut in Stage Five, replacing Cheen in the Los Angeles Guerrillas roster.


Thursday, July 15

Minnesota RØKKR vs. Seattle Surge (Group B)

Minnesota win 3-0

  • Checkmate Hardpoint: 250-158 Minnesota
  • Standoff Search and Destroy: 6-3 Minnesota
  • Garrison Control: 3-0 Minnesota

Toronto Ultra vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas (Group B)

Toronto win 3-0

  • Garrison Hardpoint: 250-75 Toronto
  • Moscow Search & Destroy: 6-3 Toronto
  • Garrison Control: 3-0 Toronto

Sunday, July 11

OpTic Chicago vs. New York Subliners (Group A)

OpTic win 3-0

  • Moscow Hardpoint: 250-200 OpTic
  • Express Search and Destroy: 6-5 OpTic
  • Raid Control: 3-1 OpTic

Toronto Ultra vs. Minnesota RØKKR (Group B)

Toronto win 3-1

  • Raid Hardpoint: 250-225 Minnesota
  • Moscow Search & Destroy: 6-2 Toronto
  • Checkmate Control: 3-0 Toronto
  • Garrison Hardpoint: 250-215 Toronto

Los Angeles Thieves vs. London Royal Ravens (Group A)

Los Angeles win 3-1

  • Moscow Hardpoint: 250-164 Los Angeles
  • Standoff Search and Destroy: 6-1 London
  • Garrison Control: 3-0 Los Angeles
  • Raid Hardpoint: 250-242 Los Angeles

Saturday, July 10

Dallas Empire vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas (Group B)

Dallas win 3-0

  • Garrison Hardpoint: 250-64 Dallas
  • Standoff Search and Destroy: 6-2 Dallas
  • Raid Control: 3-0 Dallas

Florida Mutineers vs. Seattle Surge (Group B)

Florida win 3-1

  • Apocalypse Hardpoint: 250-189 Florida
  • Moscow Search & Destroy: 6-5 Florida
  • Checkmate Control: 3-1 Seattle
  • Moscow Hardpoint: 250-142 Florida

Atlanta FaZe vs. Paris Legion (Group A)

Atlanta win 3-0

  • Garrison Hardpoint: 250-204 Atlanta
  • Miami Search & Destroy: 6-0 Atlanta
  • Raid Control: 3-0 Atlanta

Friday, July 9

New York Subliners vs. Los Angeles Thieves (Group A)

Los Angeles win 3-2

  • Moscow Hardpoint: 250-149 Los Angeles
  • Moscow Search & Destroy: 6-3 Los Angeles
  • Garrison Control: 3-0 New York
  • Garrison Hardpoint: 250-224 New York
  • & Destroy: 6-5 Los Angeles

Minnesota RØKKR vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas (Group B)

Minnesota win 3-1

  • Garrison Hardpoint: 250-197 Los Angeles
  • Raid Search and Destroy: 6-3 Minnesota
  • Raid Control: 3-0 Minnesota
  • Checkmate Hardpoint: 250-61 Minnesota

Thursday, July 8

OpTic Chicago vs. Paris Legion (Group A)

OpTic win 3-0

  • Garrison Hardpoint: 250-185 OpTic
  • Standoff Search and Destroy: 6-5 OpTic
  • Raid Control: 3-0 OpTic

Atlanta FaZe vs. London Royal Ravens (Group A)

Atlanta win 3-0

  • Checkmate Hardpoint: 250-188 Atlanta
  • Standoff Search and Destroy: 6-4 Atlanta
  • Garrison Control: 3-1 Atlanta