EDward Gaming has been the most powerful team in the LPL Summer Split of 2021. However, following a loss to Royal Never Give Up last week, the company has chosen to spice things up and join the rest of the league in making squad changes as the season progresses.

The LPL stated yesterday that Clearlove will start today's match against Team WE as EDG's starting jungler. EDG were eliminated by FunPlus Phoenix in the 2019 LPL Spring Split playoffs, and the renowned 27-year-old played his last competitive match 841 days ago.

Following that loss, Clearlove stayed with the squad, eventually rising to the position of head coach by the end of 2019, after taking the Summer Split off. However, EDG's performance in 2020 was disappointing, as they finished sixth in the LPL Spring Split and tenth in the Summer Split while guiding the team.

EDG made adjustments to their coaching staff before the conclusion of the year after a dismal year, and Clearlove was re-signed as a substitute jungler. Despite the fact that supporters expected him to play during the Spring Split, he did not appear in a single match. His team, on the other hand, dominated throughout the split, finishing second in the regular season and being eliminated in the playoffs by RNG, the eventual LPL champions.

This summer, EDG has maintained their great performance, easily defeating the majority of their opponents. While most fans didn't expect EDG to make any squad changes now that they're in first place, the team appears to be experimenting in the split's final matches. However, because EDG's main jungler Jiejie has been strong across the board and a big component in his team's victories, it's unclear whether this adjustment would be beneficial.

Today, July 24th, 2021, at 6 a.m. CT, you can witness how Clearlove performs after such a long absence from professional play.