Galaxy Racer, an esports organization based in Dubai with audiences across the Middle East, South East Asia & parts of Africa will launch a cross-regional esports tournament in Fortnite.

The Galaxy Racer Aubameyang Cup will start on the 1st August and will see Fortnite duos collide online. Two regions will feature, the Middle East & Europe. 

The tournament is named after football star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who is a former star of England's Arsenal squad, as well as the Gabon national team as well as his half-brother William-Fils. Both thought to be huge fans of the popular game, Fortnite. Both of the stars will make guest appearances throughout the esports tournament.

150 teams will be pitted against each other over the course of four days, with a qualifying day for each region and the top teams from then going through to the Grand Finals event on the 3rd & 4th of August. Results will be based upon 12 games in those two grand finals days, the top 10 teams share the €10,000 prize pool. 

For those looking to watch on, Galaxy Racer's YouTube & Twitch channels will show the events, as well as have giveaways including official Scuff Aubameyang controllers & headsets available as prizes.

The CEO of Galaxy Racer had this to say about the event; “The Galaxy Racer Aubameyang Cup will unite professional, amateur players, gaming personalities and athletes, and will be the first event of its kind to bring players from the Middle East and Europe to clash in an online tournament that is highly competitive and fair.”

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang & Willaim-Fils Aubameyang will not only make guest appearances, and interviews, they will also be playing in a special 2v2 show match against Galaxy Racer's own professional Fortnite players, Milan 'Milan' Lopes & Maciej 'Teeq' Radzio.

Launched in 2019, Galaxy Racer already has a global reach of over 160 million followers and claims more than 1 billion monthly views across all its ventures, and sports over 60 players of more than 20 nationalities.