Shroud's VALORANT team dominated their opening round match in the NA VCT Stage Three Challengers Two open qualification, bringing one of Twitch's most popular faces back to competition. Shroud and his colleagues on What's Going On dominated Damn I Love Fwogs in their first match, winning 13-6 on Haven and then 13-4 on Bind.

On Haven, Shroud had 11 kills and 10 deaths while introducing KAY/O, the newest VALORANT agent. He racked up a server-high 12 assists with the KAY/O utility, and he won all of his first-round bouts with four first bloods. On Cypher, ShawnBM, a VALORANT content developer, took the lead with 24 kills and only eight deaths.

Shroud used the veiled Omen to great effect on Bind, scoring 16 kills and six assists across 11 deaths. With 20 kills on Raze and a 308 ACS on an incredible 32 percent headshot percentage, former CS:GO pro Laski led the way for What's going on this map.

The former NA CS:GO pro player disclosed his plans to compete in the final open qualifier for VCT a few weeks before the commencement of the open qualification. His team was revealed on the qualifier bracket just days before the event: shroud, ShawnBM, Laski, former Cloud9 player Relyks, and Apex Legends pro and content producer iiTzTimmy.

Shroud has stated on live several times that the team is playing for fun first and foremost, and that this is not indicative of a full-time return to competitive play. Shroud's followers are nevertheless pleased to see him and his squad get off to such a strong start, and it's impossible to rule out the possibility of a comeback. Their next opponent will be ez5, who defeated Last Resistance in their previous encounter.