Heroic has announced they are taking legal action against their former coach, HUNDEN.

It is alleged that HUNDEN sometime before IEM Cologne shared confidential team strategy information with what is described as a 'key individual at a major competitor'. In a recent twitter post, which you can read here, HUNDEN took time to say the material he shared was 'anti-strat material of opponents', and it was shared within the context of 'sparring'. He also stated he will always cooperate with the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) and other relevant entities whilst everyone is getting to the bottom of these events. Heroic released their own statement which you can also read located here. In that statement Heroic stated the issue had been reported to both ESIC and ESL who operated the IEM Cologne event. Heroic noted this as a 'clear breach' of Mr. Petersen's (HUNDEN) contract, and that it was all done without any prior knowledge from anyone at Heroic.

According to Heroic the legal action is already going forward after courts were able to verify there were sufficient grounds for evidence collection. The statement also clears up any questions as to why HUNDEN was not present with the team at IEM Cologne, and instead behind the team was their performance & mental coach, 'robl'. At the time, the players and organization did not reveal why HUNDEN wasn't even in Germany for that event. During the statement, the former coach had this to say 'Heroic and I have been a perfect match, but the recent turn of events is deeply regrettable', and that he has come to the realization "that I wish to begin a new chapter of my career once my contract with Heroic expires".

In the rumor mill, HUNDEN had been suggested as a possible replacement on Astralis for 'zonic' when his contract expires later in the year. Neither Astralis nor HUNDEN has commented on the reports as of yet, although after these events it is almost certain Heroic won't pick them up again in the future.