Ghost has been recognized as one of the emerging top players in India for VALORANT eSports players at a young age. He joined Enigma on 23rd January, 2021. Ghost was a part of this squad along with Shakir “hikkA” Razak, Jigar "sMx" Mehta, Sharan “Busterrr” Dave, and Saharyar “BadmaN” Shaikh. Although, sMx and Busterrr left the roster on February 28th and March 31st respectively. And now, as per the terms and conditions of the contracts, Ghost will be departing as well.


At the same time, there have been several rumors about Ghost being poached recently. Enigma Gaming completely denies this rumor and said that Ghost was under a contract and that is the only reason he is leaving the roster. They said that they were getting a lot of DM’s and enquires about Ghost being poached. They informed everyone that it was not true. Ghost had completed the term of the contract with Enigma Gaming and that is why he had become a free agent. He had agreed to finish the ongoing tournaments with Enigma Gaming, after which he would be no longer on the roster.   


As per the contract, Ghost will be leaving the VALORANT roster of Enigma Gaming but will continue to play for the ongoing tournament like The ESports Club (TEC) and Esportz Premier Series Qualifier by


Ghost has been one of the youngest players and his performance has been incredible in the roster. In SkyeSports League 2021, he has achieved the MVP in the Esportz Premier Series - Qualifier 3 and has been prized as the Young Sensation.


Since Ghost has left, Enigma Gaming will have a five-player roster for VALORANT. Below is the roster:

  • Shakir “hikkA” Razak
  • Saharyar “BadmaN” Shaikh
  • Akram “Rawfiul” Virani
  • Sameer “godvexy” Sharma
  • Rishabh “Ezzy” Gupta