Now each team has played their five matches, ENCE, Vitality & Heroic move forwards, whilst Spirit, Bad News Bears, and the previous worldwide juggernaut of Astralis are left with nothing else, but memories and a packed bag.

Heroic were the only team to win all five of their matches, followed by Vitality with 5-4, and ENCE with a 5-3 record. Astralis managed just 5-2, losing to ENCE, Heroic & Vitality. Heroic put on extremely dominating performances against Bad News Bears, Spirit and Astralis with only ENCE & Vitality managing to make them shake even in the slightest bit, going 2-1 in their matches, where the others were 2-0. Meanwhile, Vitality were only toppled by Heroic after putting up dominating performances in which only the CIS side of Spirit took Vitality to 2:1 instead of 2:0 as all of their other matches in this early group stage.

Throughout their five matches, Bad News Bears suffered defeat after defeat, not only failing to win a match but also failing to win even a single map, giving them a straight 0-10 record across all five matches. Their dreams of being an up & coming team for the North America region were well and truly screwed up, torn to shreds, and burnt in a fire.

For Group B, their matches start immediately with the first one, G2 against Sinners, starting at 11:30 GMT/UTC tomorrow, the 21st August. Group B consists of G2,, Complexity, Sinners, OG & forZe, for many Group B is a foregone conclusion, at least for G2 & Which in fans' eyes, means there is truly only 1 slot up for grabs here, unless there are plenty of upsets, which, as long time esports fans know, anything can and often will happen when it comes down to those precious moments in the server. Group B will play out from 21st August until the 26th, when the results will be tallied and three more teams are shown the door and uninvited from the parties.

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