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CLG has signed Damonte as their new starting mid laner for the LCS Summer Split in 2021. CLG has benched LCS veteran Pobelter in favour of Damonte, a former 100 Thieves mid laner. FlyQuest’s Academy roster tumbled Cloud9 in 2021 LCS Summer Split The 2021 LCS Spring Split has had so many back-and-forth matches so far, FlyQuest plunged Cloud9 –though just barely. 100 Thieves defeated Team Liquid to extend their LCS Summer Split winning streak to six games. 100 Thieves are unstoppable right now. In the first LCS game after MSI 2021, Zven leads Cloud9 to triumph over Golden Guardians. Zven won his first game in the Summer Split. Cloud9's ADC Zven will return to the LCS Summer Split roster. This Friday, Zven will make his Summer Split debut against Golden Guardians. Dardoch is benched by Dignitas, and Akaadian is promoted to the LCS starting jungler. After losing to Golden Guardians, Dignitas changed its mind. In the LCS Summer Split of 2021, FBI and Abbedagge are the only players with a double-digit KDA. How long will they maintain it? TSM suffers their first LCS Summer Split 2021 loss to 100 Thieves Abbedagge's outstanding performance played a major role in 100T’s victory Golden Guardians started their 2021 LCS Summer Split journey by defeating Cloud9 Great start for Golden Guardians. LCS Summer Split 2021: Schedule The LCS will commence on June 4th, 2021.