Dignitas, who were defeated by Golden Guardians tonight, have benched Dardoch and will replace him with Akaadian as the team's jungler for their match against TSM tomorrow.

Dignitas is now 3-4 in the split and 14-11 overall after losing to GG, a team that has won three of their six matches this season over the first three weeks of the LCS Summer Split. The team won two games in a row to start the split before losing to Team Liquid and 100 Thieves. DIG bounced back with a win over Immortals before losing to Cloud9 to close up the second week of competition.

Even though the loss is a setback for the squad, they remain in fifth position in the 10-team league. They are still one game ahead of EG and four games ahead of Immortals in seventh position, which should offer DIG fans greater confidence in the team's hopes of qualifying for the 2021 LCS Championship, which will accept the top eight teams in August.

Dardoch, who played Rumble against Iconic's Diana in tonight's loss to the Guardians, concluded the 35-minute game with a 4/4/8 score and 2,000 gold behind Iconic. So far in the Summer Split, Dardoch leads the LCS junglers in gold share, kill share, and kill participation. In terms of K/DA, he is sixth in the league.

For the past year, Akaadian has only played for Dignitas' Academy League team. On June 28th, 2020, he last appeared in the LCS, when Dignitas was defeated by Evil Geniuses. Dardoch was brought in to replace him after a rocky breakup with TSM, during which TSM president Leena Xu was overheard claiming "no one [wanted] to pick up" Dardoch.

TSM takes on Dignitas tomorrow at 6 p.m. CT in a crucial match for both teams. With a win and a C9 defeat to Immortals, Dignitas' season might be stabilised for the time being, while TSM, who are tied for first place, could take full control of the league with a win and a Cloud9 loss to Immortals.