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Skyesports has announced the inaugural VALORANT LAN tournament in Dubai Teams from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh will compete in the tournament Global Esports has been eliminated from VCT Last Chance Qualifier With a fantastic VALORANT LCQ run, Global Esports has won the hearts of Indians. Global Esports will not be traveling to Thailand for bootcamp Global Esports could not get VISA on time. Global Esports will be coached by Shinobi Global Esports will be coached by the ex-Cloud9 Blue IGL in the VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifier. Global Esports travels to Thailand to participate in VCT Last Chance Qualifier For the APAC LCQ, Global Esports is hosting a new VALORANT boot camp in Thailand. BadmaN, godvexy, Ezzy left Enigma Gaming VALORANT's lineup is being rebuilt by Enigma Gaming. Antidote and Rexy have joined the Enigma Gaming They came out of Godlike Esports. VALORANT fans spammed ShahZaM's llivestream. In the live chat, VALORANT fans repeatedly mentioned SK Rossi. Four Teams Qualified for VCC Playoffs. Three teams are from India and one from Pakistan. The VALORANT Conquerors Championship saw Indian teams dominate on the opening day. Velocity Gaming, Global Esports, and Enigma Gaming were all victorious without a hitch. Day 5 of TEC Gauntlet Season 2 is dominated by Team Valor and Global Esports. The tournament is getting intense. Four teams qualify for the Semi-Finals of the VCC India Qualifiers #2. VCC India Qualifiers 2 Semi-Final will begin today. Ghost departs from Enigma Gaming’s VALORANT roster as the contract comes to an end Enigma Gaming announced India’s VALORANT professional player Prabhdeep “Ghost” Bhatia is leaving the roster as contract comes to an end.