Global Esports will play in the VALORANT Champions Tour APAC Last Chance Qualifier from India rather than Thailand as informed earlier. In their latest YouTube live feeds, Global Esports captain and IGL Bhavin "Hellranger" Kotwani and Akshay "Kappa" Sinkar acknowledged the same. The team's players may go to Chennai and play from there in order to have a lower ping while playing on the Singapore server.

After winning the VALORANT Conquerors Championship last August, Global Esports qualified for the APAC Last Chance Qualifier. The squad won the championship by defeating Velocity Gaming in the Grand Finals. Global Esports was given the opportunity to compete in the APAC Last Chance Qualifier after dominating the South Asian area. The APAC Last Chance Qualifier will be the last qualification tournament for South Asian teams wishing to compete in VALORANT Champions 2021. However, with Riot's announcement that the event will be played online, everyone was concerned about the ping difference, which would be a disadvantage for the South Asian teams.

Global Esports CEO Rushindra Sinha announced a few days ago that the to achieve a relatively better ping in-game. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, Global Esports was unable to get a VISA in time for their trip abroad. In his most recent live stream, Global Esports leader Bhavin "Hellranger" Kotwani confirmed the same. Hellranger said that they were unable to travel to Thailand due to visa difficulties. However, they're exploring at other locations where they can achieve a ping that is better compared to Mumbai's.

Reportedly, the APAC Last Chance Qualifier will be played from Chennai by Global Esports. From Chennai, the ping to Singapore servers is approximately 30-35. In response to this, Hellranger stated that it will be alright if they play on the Singapore server from Chennai. But he expressed concern over a play on a different server, such as Tokyo or Korea.

Global Esports will play Korea's Damwon Gaming in the first round of the APAC Last Chance Qualifier on October 11th. With only two days until the event, it will be intriguing to discover which city the team will play the tournament from.