During a recent Twitch livestream, Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan appeared agitated when Indian VALORANT supporters repeatedly spammed SK Rossi's name in the live chat. Shahzam asked his Indian audience to stop sending him spam since it was causing him a lot of trouble. He also recognised SK Rossi's considerable abilities.

Ganesh Gangadhar, also known as "SK Rossi," is one of India's top players. He has received a lot of praise from all across the world for his outstanding performance in the VALORANT Conquerors Global Esports Championship.

With his squad Global Esports, SK Rossi will now represent the South Asian region in the APAC Last Chance Qualifier, which will serve as a qualifier for the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021. Top teams from Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, and China will battle alongside Global Esports for a seat in this year's most important VALORANT competition.

ShahZaM, the captain and IGL of Sentinels, recently livestreamed his thoughts on SK Rossi. He praised SK Rossi's performance, calling him "cracked."

However, he appeared irritated by the Indian supporters who were constantly asking ShahZaM for his thoughts on SK Rossi in the live chat. ShahZaM asked the followers to refrain from doing so, claiming that it would be detrimental to the person.

Many other well-known broadcasters, such Herschel "Guy" Beahm nicknamed Dr. Disrespect and Jonas "AverageJonas" Navarsete, have previously encountered similar issue. Dr. Disrespect's live stream was spammed with 'Binod,' while Average Jonas' live chat was spammed with 'Average Jignesh.' Both of these spams were popular Indian memes, and their admirers were constantly repeating them. The streamers then asked the fans to stop spamming them. The recent event on ShahZaM's live webcast brought the matter to light once more.