With eight teams left in the running, the battle for the playoffs kicks off on the 12th October, and runs until the 17th, with those victorious getting passes to ESL Pro League and ESL Conference.

The eight survivors are DBL PONEY, Sangal, Sprout & BLINK from Group A, and Anonymo, LDLC, AGO & Wisla Krakow from Group B. BLINK came top of Group A, losing just a single of their matches, the one to Sprout, and AGO topped Group B, with 5 wins and 2 losses to Movistar Riders & Wisla Krakow. 

The opening rounds of playoffs all take off at 18:00 GMT/UTC on 12th October. Where BLINK take on Wisla Krakow, Anonymo will see down Sangal, DBL Poney will attempt to down LDLC, and Sprout will do their best to uproot AGO. These four matches all kick off at the same time, so make sure to have plenty of popcorn, drinks, and of course, bandwidth.

After the group stage, GamerLegion & SAW have already secured their Premier position for Season 39, whilst Endpoint, Apeks, Movistar Riders & Enterprise are in the relegation zones, and SKADE & Akuma will go through to ESEA Advanced.

Before the playoffs occur DBL PONEY & Sprout may come face to face in IEM Fall, as they're the only 2 of the 8 remaining teams taking part in the last regional major ranking (RMR) event of the year. Although both would need to make it out of their respective groups, with Sprout in Group C, and DBL PONEY in Group D for them to come face to face in that event later next month. For the remaining 6 teams, they'll have to knuckle down and play match after match and spend hour after hour in boot camps, if they want to ensure they're the best they can be for when the playoffs begin.