Bad News Bears tonight won Fragadelphia 15, setting them, and 5 other runners up an invite to Fragadelphia Fall, which will be a potential entry point to BLAST Premier later in the year.

In the Grand Final, Bad News Bears took on Party Astronauts, starting with a 1-0 advantage after coming from the upper bracket. Throughout Inferno, Nuke, Ancient & Overpass, B.N.B. went on to win 3-2, after stellar performances from jonji & Swisher in particular, where for Party Astronauts cynic & Infinite were the stand out performances. Interestingly a lot of the maps played where one team would entirely dominate the playing field, winning that map by more than 8 rounds over the opponent, however in the next map it entirely flipped the other way around giving us an interesting match as you could never fully tell where things were heading. 

For Bad News Bears, it shows a great uptick in statistics after their catastrophic run in Group A of ESL Pro League, where they now infamously won a total 0 maps across 5 matches. Meaning out of 10 maps, they lost them all 2-0, and while G2 & Evil Geniuses would go on to share the 0-5 result, only Bad News Bears lost all of their maps entirely.

Fragadelphia Fall 2021 will start tomorrow, and continue until September 15th, where 8 teams will fight for just a single BLAST Premier Fall Showdown place. The teams competing are Extra Salt, paiN, Bad News Bears, Party Astronauts, Coldest Riders, GODSENT, RBG & Third Impact. Whoever goes on for that place at the Fall Showdown will face stiff competition, with teams such as Dignitas, Movistar Riders & ViCi already queued up for the event. Nine (9) more teams will enter the Showdown field before we know the full team for that event, these will be mostly through the Fall Groups event starting in 3 days time, two invites, plus of course whoever wins Fragadelphia Fall in the coming days.