Do you have the skills to pay the bills? Find out by joining's faceoff competition system. This skill-based wagering platform enables players to compete head to head to determine who is the better player. No better way to put your money where your mouth is than by action. is an automated platform to allow players to join cash tournaments or challenge others directly and wager real world money to prove who is really the best. allows players to engage in competitive play and compete head to head.There's numerous games and platforms supported. Such games include COD Warzone, Fortnite, CS2, VALORANT, Overwatch2, FIFA, and many more. Play on any platform you're most comfortable in. You call the stakes. $1, $5, $20, the call is yours to make.

There's many ways to prove that your skills exceed that of your rival's. You can engage in kill race, where you compete on the same team to get the most kills in multiple matches. Highest kill count wins. You can compete head to head in a 1 vs 1 best of 3 takes the win. However you want to compete, Outfrag will support your methods by being a neutral party to escrow while you compete.

There's no minimum withdraw amount, no minimum wait times to compete. Just sign up, deposit funds, and challenge away!

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