With professional CSGO still on winter break, here's the confirmed changes to teams so far!

Let's start with the bigger changes, where entire teams have switched sides. So far, GODSENT have become FunPlus Phoenix, with ex-New England Whalers becoming High Coast. We have already covered the GODSENT/FPX switch here, so I won't go into it further here. ex-New England Whalers however, was announced on New Years Day. High Coast acquired four players, these are djay, ben1337, PwnAlone & Rampage. They will need a fifth and possibly a coach before matches, they may or make not pull up stand ins until they decide upon someone permanently.

Other interesting snippets of information include Gen.G, who have placed their team on the transfer list. Gen.G currently comprise of autimatic, koosta & BnTeT. The latter of which has said they've received interesting offers in the EU area, where he hopes to participate in.

Illuminar have benched their entire roster, so they can evalute options ahead of the 2021 season. It's implied that some of them may be kept on, and some will be let go. Their current roster, now benched, are reatz, mouz, phr, Vegi, Snax and coach imd.

Now some information about specific players & teams.

  • MIBR have parted ways with LUCAS1, cogu, vsm & leo_drk, leaving MIBR down 3 players in the run up to the new season starting.
  • Cloud9 has lost kassad, and are rumoured to have benched woxic. They are reported to have got closer to signing Xeppaa, and the coach Elmapuddy, who used to be Gen.Gs coach. Kassad has also been rumoured to join EXTREMUM.
  • Krimbo & PANIX have joined ALTERNATE aTTaX, meanwhile Mirbit & Kressy has left them.
  • ENCE have benched SuNny.
  • Sprout lost Snatchie, however also added kressy & slaxz.
  • Heretics, much like MIBR, have also suffered hard here, DEVIL, Python & Lucky have left, leaving them down a few too for now.
  • Winstrike meanwhile parted with KrizzeN & bondik.
  • coldzera has specific that FaZe will be looking to sign a captain and psychologist to aid them in their 2021 campaign

With the break still going on for another week, there might be some interesting updates to come in the future, so stay about and we'll let you know if it happens!