GODSENT, the current #21 on ESL rankings are in advance talks to sign players to FunPlus Phoenix.

It seems like a deal has been done, and the only thing left to do is sign individual contracts for each player, before they take on the new name heading into 2021.

Hopefully it is second time lucky for FunPlus Phoenix, who earlier in the year briefly signed and fielded Heroic's then roster, however the deal fell through during Flashpoint 1, after es3tag signed contracts with Astrlais. This caused FPX to field the Bad News Bears team for the rest of the tournament, before letting them go immediately after.

Conversations arose to the potential of GODSENT moving to FunPlus Phoenix a few month ago, with varying sites reporting interest around October, this was about the same time that the chinese organisation of FPX took on a new general manager. They (FPX) also skipped Flashpoint 2, despite being a founding memberr and would have auto been entered in the main competition, so they could work on building a strong, and more importantly lasting team. Hoping to avoid what became a bit of an embarassment for them with the Heroic move.

The current GODSENT coach is expected to move with the team, although whether 'emi', who was a stand in for GODSENT recently, or some of the other former team mates may return to make up the full five man team needed, is yet to be revealed. ,

Petar Markovic, the current GM of FunPlus Phoenix created a twitter post, which you can find here. In it, they state that it has been a few months of 'deep talks', confirming a provisional deal has been reached, and its now on the players to sign their new contracts, after reviews have been made to ensure its beneficial to all involved.

When the deal is approved by all, FunPlus Phoenix will field a well established team, who many think still have plenty to learn and be able to reach new highs.

FunPlus Phoenix is a large organisation, based out of China. They are well known in League of Legends, also fielding well performing teams in Fortnite, VALORANT & PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, as well as the hopefully new addition of Counter Strike into 2021.