With the four regions of DreamHack now completed, we know who has taken the jackpots, and who will just be reviewing their replays to see where it all went wrong.

In Europe, after a fiercely fought three maps, Astralis were the victors over mousesports with a 3-1 best of 5 match. Astralis will walk away with $60,000 with a further $30,000 for mousesports. In the grand final, starting on Train, Astralis managed to beat mousesports into submission early on, with a easily fought 16-5 scoreline. With a complete reversal of fortune on Inferno, mousesports returned the favour, hammering down a seemingly flawless 16-3. Switching over to the final two maps of the game, Vertigo & Nuke, both teams were strong, forgetting the previous walk-overs, for 13-16 on Nuke in Astralis' favor, then a final showdown that went into 2x overtime, with a devastating end for mousesports, losing 19-22 to Astralis in the decider.

In North America, Chaos overcame TeamOne over a full 5 matches in the best of five. With the first 3 maps, Nuke, Train & Overpass much like the Astralis & mousesports match, being seemingly easy walk overs, TeamOne taking Nuke 16-3, with Chaos clapping back in Train & Overpass 16-9 & 16-2 respectively. TeamOne woke up and found their mojo for Mirage, with a closely battled 16-13 to them, although couldn't keep a firm hold of the mojo for the final fight Vertigo, going 16-10 to Chaos, pushing them into the 3 match wins they needed to take the crown, and $35,000. With TeamOne taking a respectable $15,000. One has to wonder, if Chaos Esports will now be thinking differently to their recently announced plans to let go of the CSGO team.

Skipping over to Asia, where ViCi won the grand final over TIGER. After a disappointing showing from TIGER, ViCi walked over them The first map was a default win for ViCi, after coming from the upper bracket, with ViCi then taking Inferno 16-6, and the only close fight in this set of 3 being a 16-14 on Train. ViCi ended the tournament with a win streak of 6 matches, after winning both this DreamHack Masters session, and IEM Beijing-Haidian flawlessly, dropping no matches, and only dropping a single map over the course of both tournaments. ViCi netted themselves $8,000 with another $4,000 for TIGER.

Meanwhile, in Oceania. Renegades overcame ORDER, 3-1. With the first match being a default towards ORDER after coming from the upper bracket. We went to Inferno, Mirage & Dust2 for the further 3 matches needed for Renegades to seal the deal on their $8,000 prize, and giving away another $4,000 to ORDER. Smashing down ORDER and their 1 match advantage to start with, Renegades hammered in the wins 16-10 (Inferno), 16-8 (Mirage) & 16-7 (Dust2). ORDER will have something to celebrate though, as they ended Renegades impressive run of 19 wins, when ORDER beat them down 2-1 earlier in this DreamHack Masters tournament. This still leaves Renegades with a shocking 90% win rate over the last 3 month.

Starting soon, will be the BLAST Premier finals & the IEM Global Challenge, where many of the above teams will be playing again, so look out for them. Starting tomorrow (December 8th), don't miss all your favourite teams playing yet another high tier tournament.