The team Chaos Esports Club, known as 'Chaos' in game, have confirmed reports that they plan to disband their CSGO team by the end of the year.

The North American team acquired the roster known as 'Bens Anime Team', back in November last year, and since then some players left and new ones joined, including the well known 'smooya' who had but a short time with Chaos before moving on again.

Chaos Esports Club confirmed the news on a blog post on their own website, They also declared they'd part with their Rainbow Six Siege team at the same time, to allow the organisation to shift focus to supporting roles, helping content creators both within gaming and outside it. They spoke positively of the Chaos Counter Strike team, achieving and outgoing any expectations they had for them. The blog post continues by saying the teams & rosters have been some of their proudest work, and partially lay blame on the pandemic, and its effects on the ecosystem of Counter Strike and LAN events, replaced by online events that often have lesser prize pools to account for no audience ticket revenue and merch purchases by the spectators at the areas.

Chaos overcame obstacles of the likes of Evil Geniuses, 100 Thieves and FURIA during 2020, so the current team comprised of MarKE, Jonji, Xeppaa, Vanity & Leaf may get snapped up quick by other teams looking to expand and improve their current squads. Currently ranked 14th on the ESL ranking list, Chaos have performed well in the online era of Counter Strike tournaments.

With the grip of the pandemic continuing, it is still up in the air how long the effects of COVID-19 will be with Counter Strike and other games and their ability to host LAN events and attract audiences and big sponsors towards the spectators, Counter Strike itself still gathers upwards of 1 million consecutive players on occasion, so despite calls of 'dead game' from some lesser kind people, the game is certainly still big in the minds of people, and streams of larger events still easily top out 50,000+ consecutive viewers. With vaccines now being approved in some countries, hopefully larger events in 2021 can remain LAN, with IEM Katowice only 3 months away as of this article post date, we can but hope that Poland isn't still in the grips of COVID by the time the big decisions need to be called on whether it can continue as a LAN event or not.