IEM Fall continues, and with it, some peculiar stories. Today brings out the news that Evil Geniuses were awarded a win after one of the members of Triumph slept through the start time of the match.

The event occurred during IEM Falls North America division, on a match that was scheduled to take place at 21:30 UTC, or 13:30 Pacific Time/16:30 Eastern Time, so it isn't like it was a late or early start time either. Triumph did bring a substitute player to the tournament, however were unable to use them as they had already been brought in to replace another player, so they simply didn't have a full team available. 'viz', the substitute Triumph brought along was standing in for 'Bwills' who is moving around. Perhaps the largest sting will be the map pick included Nuke, which Evil Geniuses will be sighing a relief on, given they currently hold a staggering 0% win rate in the last 3 months on, giving Triumph possibly their most likely chance for a win had the match gone ahead.

Triumph are now left teetering on the edge of being able to qualify for the Major, with IEM Fall being the last chance to earn those all important regional major ranking (RMR) points for the Major taking place in Stockholm later on in the year. Triumph need to finish top two in their group, however with two matches left to play, and currently fielding a 1 win & 2 loss score the chances of them getting there is looking especially grim. However, their next two matches see them face off against GODSENT and 00Nation, formerly known as O PLANO. GODSENT will definitely be a tricky one to win, whereas the fight with 00Nation is, according to the bookies, a fairly even game.

Group B currently places Evil Geniuses in 2nd, and Triumph in 5th, with FURIA leading the pack so far.