After 5 days, in which a whopping 33 matches were played, 16 teams are now just 8. Those 8 will now find their way to the main Pinnacle Winter Series 1 event.

The 8 teams going forward are, in no particular order, Apeks, Wisla Krakow, Tricked, Unique, Endpoint, SAW, Savage & GamerLegion, whereas for LookingForOrg, GMT, OneTap, Finest, MASONIC, eSuba,. Enterprise & EC Kyiv, they leave with not just no invites, but without a cent of prize money, with $2,000 only going to each of the victors.

In the main event, the 8 qualified teams will charge into 8 more invited teams, which are Sprout, BLINK, Eternal Fire, 1WIN, Dignitas, SKADE, K23 & MOUZ NXT. With another 4 teams to be invited to the Playoff stages directly, these teams are usually much 'bigger' than the teams invited & qualified to this point so far, and also generally do well based upon past events, so those who qualified, plus those who were invited to the swiss stages here, will need to put on quite the performance to ensure they edge past those bigger invited teams at playoff stages.

With Pinnacle Winter Series 1 kicking off on the 24th of January, and lasting until February 2nd, it'll be a week-long slog before someone wins the pass to the LAN Sweet LAN finals, and the $40,000 winners prize at this Winter Series.

The winner of the main event will look forward to LAN Sweet LAN, a LAN event to occur at Relog Media Studio in Belgrade, Serbia. Where all of the winners of the Pinnacle Series plus the previous events of Snow ASweet Snow & Spring Sweet Spring before the renaming to Pinnacle series will be going head to head for a $250,000 prize pot. The teams currently waiting patiently for that event, scheduled for April, are Entropiq, OG, MOUZ,, HAVU, forZe & ECSTATIC. FunPlusPhoenix also made it to the finals, however, that team no longer exists, so its unclear exactly who we will see in those finals right now, in their place.