Another Pinnacle Fall series comes to an end, and this time ECSTATIC are the team going ahead to the LAN Sweet LAN finale, with Extra Salt falling at the last hurdle.

With teams including forZe, DBL PONEY, MOUZ NXT & MAD Lions, it really was a competition that could have fallen to so many teams, however for ECSTATIC, they just needed to see off forZe, MAD Lions & BLINK, before setting up the Grand Final with Extra Salt. So how did that Grand Final go? Well, the 2-0 final score only gives half the picture, as, despite that, Extra Salt tried all they could to try clawing a victory, pulling up 13:16 on Ancient, and 14-16 on Vertigo, for a match that was actually far closer than the original 2-0 score gives. Extra Salt found plenty of round wins thanks to floppy, JT & FaNg working together time and again to try and often winning with irregular strats to throw ECSTATIC off course, however for the up & coming Danish ECSTATIC team, Daffu & WolfY both got well over 45 kills to help push them just over the win line on the two maps fought between the teams.

Extra Salt entered at the Quarter Finals stage, whereas ECSTATIC came through the initial group plays, so perhaps their extra matches prior were what clinched it for them. It was a close call early on for ECSTATIC, getting a 3-2 record to enter the main event, so they could easily have not quite made it. Extra Salt came across MOUZ NXT & DBL PONEY, beating them both in somewhat simple 2-0 fashion, before meeting their fate in the Grand Final.

LAN Sweet LAN will occur in April of next year, and features the likes of OG, MOUZ,, as well as several other teams, with another 3 teams to qualify through a Pinnacle Winter series now Fall Series has completed all 3 events, a further four teams will be invited to take part in that event much closer to the time of its start.