It was just 4 days, but we got so many fantastic matches, when all was said and done though it was Heroic who turned out to be the heroes of the tournament!

Both Astralis & Heroic were looking strong contenders for the trophy from the start, with Astralis losing just a single map to Imperial before their Grand Final defeat. However for Heroic, on their path towards the $150,000 prize and trophy, they took down MIBR, Finest, fnatic, MIBR & BIG, although in the early best of ones they dropped a match to fnatic entirely and then dropped a single further map to Finest in a 2-1 battle. 

Many fans will have set themselves down with a large drink and hotdog in the arena, although they weren't there for perhaps as long as they had hoped. The Dutch team matchup proved a one sided affair for Heroic, who made fairly quick work of Astralis across just 2 maps. Ancient went 16-9, and Overpass was 16-11, as Astralis were unable to really offer a winning combination time and again against Heroic's plays and strategies. k0nfig came out of both matches with over 40 kills, meanwhile on the same team Farlig managed 18, with the gap between top & bottom being much slimmer on Heroic, sjuush putting up 31, against TeSeS's 42. Heroic really were the unmovable mountain in the match, which compared to 2 years ago is an odd feeling given how much Astralis' were the mountain in so many matches across such a large length of time. 

Coming up soon for Heroic, is the start of the Play-In for IEM Cologne, the huge summer event that is seen as one of the greatest tournaments of the Counter Strike esports calendar, with Astralis also competing at the same event, lining up plenty of revenge chances if they both qualify for the main event which looks fairly likely at this point. Also competing there will be MIBR, BIG & Imperial, so they'll be a little reunion for the players there.