After 4 days and 16 teams in a race to be the first to get 3 wins, 50% of the field have been eliminated and go forward into the Legends stage, where another half of them will be sent home, and the other half go through to the Champions Stage, the final stage of the Major, where the teams face single-elimination brackets for the final playoffs.

So who is going through? Well, that would be, in no particular order; Bad News Eagles, ENCE. Liquid, G2, Vitality, Imperial, Outsiders & Spirit. With the initial matches already announced and written below, the next stage will see the teams compete in another race to 3 wins, with once again the matches starting out as Best of 1's, and moving to Best of 3's for all matches that will result in an elimination, or a qualification to the final Champions stage.

Meanwhile, for forZe, IHC, Eternal Fire, MIBR, 9z, Renegades, Complexity & Astralis, the only thing awaiting them is a taxi back home, where they can have a cheerful discussion about where it all collapsed for them, and then go to bed and begin the long haul to the next Major in around 6 months time.

For now however, these are first matchups of the next stage of the Major, with all times being GMT/UTC +0, and all of these matches are BO1, with the first BO3s to take place the day after these ones, for the first eliminations & qualifications.

  • 1100 - Liquid vs Heroic
  • 1100 - Copenhagen Flames vs Bad News Eagles
  • 1215 - Vitality vs NIP
  • 1215 - Outsiders vs Cloud9
  • 1330 - FaZe vs ENCE
  • 1330 - Spirit vs FURIA
  • 1445 - Natus Vincere vs G2
  • 1445 - Imperial vs BIG

As soon as those matches are all completed, the next set of matches for all teams will be available to view online, and will start almost immediately with just an hour or so between the last ending, and the next batch starting, so be sure to keep your eyes looking at the monitors or TV's, and follow your team to victory!