In what is their first major victory as a team of five with the current lineup, the international OG have convincingly taken down the German side of BIG in a 2-1 affair.

The Grand Final saw the maps of Dust2, Nuke & Mirage, starting on Dust2 which was chosen by BIG. Everyone would have been forgiven for thinking this was a simple matter of handing a free win to BIG, given their well over 70% win rate for the map in the past few months, and indeed it certainly started out that way, but OG just refused to go down and manage to come back from several rounds behind to only just clinch the map 16:14. Next up was OG's choice of Nuke, which BIG managed to devastate OG in the first half going 3:12 up whilst on the CT side, however after the team switch it looked like OG were going to snatch it away from them, until BIG dug deep and cut off OG at the last minute for 16:13 finish to level up the grand final. Now into the final map, after stealing each others map picks, Mirage was the stage where neither team had specifically chosen it, nor banned it, who would live to regret that decision? Here is where BIG seemingly ran out of juice, putting up a decent first half that ended 9:6 to OG, however in the second half they limped and lagged behind, and OG took advantage and ran over them whenever they saw the chance, ending the map 16:9 and the match 2:1. 

Speaking after the match, Aleksib of OG stated "We needed something like this just to boost the confidence and overall to get the team started on the right path". OG take away from this event, $40,000 and an invite to LAN Sweet LAN, where waiting for OG in the wings at LAN Sweet LAN in February next year, are teams that have already won one of the Relog Media events, Snow Sweet Snow or Spring Sweet Spring, which to date are mousesports, FunPlus Phoenix, HAVU & forZe, where they'll be playing for a prize pool of $250,000 on offer.