BLAST Premier Fall Final may not be over yet, but with two days left to go, we already know that Vitality, Liquid & NiP will qualify for the World Final regardless of any standings forward of this point in the tournament.

This is due to placements for that World Final being partially decided on the BLAST Global Leaderboard, with G2 already being qualified through that leaderboard some time ago. Vitality, Liquid & NiP have already now scored enough points that they cannot be knocked off that spot regardless of what happens.

Meanwhile, at the Fall Finals, there have been some exciting matches and close calls, whichever team(s) you follow. Day 1 of action saw Vitality overcoming Liquid, Heroic seeing down FaZe, and then NAVI putting BIG in their place. Finally for Day 1, Astralis saw NiP knocked down to the lower bracket. Interestingly, all of these matches ended 2-0. Day 2 saw a close call for Vitality with Astralis, with the former managing to call the match 2-1, and Astralis tumbled to the lower bracket. Next up was Heroic & NAVI, which after some back & forth, it was Heroic who were knocked down the ladder also to the lower bracket. Next up was, naturally, Day 3. This is where the first elimination matches took place. FaZe saw down BIG, booting them from the tournament, then Liquid saw that NiP had the same outcome. Then, after a few hours of rest since the previous match, FaZe were once again thrown into the arena, this time against Astralis. Unfortunately, second time in one day proved too much for them, and Astralis went forward, as FaZe went home.

The other qualified teams for the World Final are Natus Vincere, who won ESL Pro League S14. Gambit, who won BLAST Spring Final, followed by Heroic who won ESL Pro League S13, then the aforementioned Vitality, NiP, G2 & Liquid from BLAST Rankings, one more team will qualify in the 8 team event, which will be the winner of the Fall Finals that we'll find out in the Grand Final on Sunday. The World Finals will start on December 14th, and run until December 19th.

Stay tuned, as we'll be sure to update you on both the outcome of the Fall Finals, as well as the World Finals.