In a clean sweep of 3 maps to take a best of 5, mouz NXT took down the Young Ninjas squad in rounds that were seemingly effortless in some areas for the mouz academy team.

Despite starting with a +1 match advantage, due to coming from the upper brackets, when it came to time in the server they repeatedly struggled to make ends meet against mouz NXT who put their all into the match, ending with a 3-1 winning score. In doing so, mouz NXT brought upon the Young Ninjas a taste of their own medicine, after the Ninjas had previously beat them in the upper bracket finals. 

The match started favorably for the mouz team from the start, in a match that took us on a tour across Mirage, Nuke & Inferno. On the first map, Mirage, the Ninjas were bulldozed repeatedly, on the T side they wracked up only 2 rounds, however after switching to the CT side, they decided that just wasn't good enough, so went on to win 0 more rounds for the entire of the map. Having now invaded a nuclear plant, we switched to Nuke. Young Ninjas put up a far greater fight here, with 7 rounds to mouz's 8 on the T side, however the steam engines died down on the latter stages of the map, and mouz managed to take 8 rounds to snatch the magic 16 scoreline, to the Ninjas 11. Hopping on a plane to Italy, Inferno came up next, and proved to be the final map, with the back up map of Ancient not being played. Once again, mouz NXT started up early, pitching 7:8 to themselves in the first half, with the Ninjas once again struggle drastically in the latter half, putting up 2 extra rounds to the 7 they started with, making a score and the win to mouz NXT at 16:9 on the final map.

mouz NXT take home $45,000, with the Young Ninjas taking $20,000 to cheer up themselves. Third place was fnatic Rissing, who gets $15,000 and finally was 4th, BIG Academy, who receive a very respectable $8,000.