At one of their most convincing events in a long time, mousesports wrestle down NIP and their surprise signing, device.

mousesports up to this point have had a lackluster 2021, coming in the 9-12th area of DreamHack Masters Spring, and missed out on a spot at IEM Summer 2021, after coming 4th in qualifiers. However, during the Flashpoint 3 Closed Qualifier they came top, and now here at the event proper, it seems mousesports has finally found their groove with the current lineup of frozen, ropz, bymas, and the newcomers, acoR & dexter. During a post match interview, dexter, the current IGL for mousesports, was honest where he said "There is still so much to do and so much to learn. We were coming from a dark area, we achieved our goals step by step. First top 5, then top 3, and now we won it."

Throughout Flashpoint 3, mousesports dropped just a single map which was in the Grand Final with NIP. Destroying the likes of BIG, Astralis & G2 on route to the finale, all 2-0. However, in the finale NIP managed to ruin what would have been a flawless run here at Flashpoint 3. NIP scared the mousesports team early on, throwing a 16-13 win on the first map of Overpass. Although it seems NIP put all they had into the first map, as next on Nuke mousesports hammered down a 16-6, and then 16-9 on Inferno to end the best of three Grand Final with a 2-1 victory. During the tournament, player frozen recorded their best rating since joining mousesports. mousesports will now enjoy a 1,600 boost to their RMR points, as well as the $17,000 prize. Meanwhile, all teams in the top 16 at Flashpoint 3 will get RMR points. Ranging from 1,600 for the winners, 1,500 for runners up NIP, then reducing by 100 for each further sport, until you get down to the 13-16 places, which all get 250 points.